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We are dynamic, resourceful, competent and willing to go the extra mile to achieve the best possible result for our clients. Thinking out-of-the-box allows us to achieve much more than what is expected from us.


We are situated in Riviera and a mere 6km from Pretoria CBD which is home to the Pretoria High Court, Magistrate Court, the Master of the Hight Court and various Government Departments. We are therefore ideally situated to act as correspondent attorneys.

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Kobus Schabort

Partner and Director

With more than 20 years’ experience as an attorney of the High Court, Kobus is widely regarded as an expert in the field of Insolvency. He has intricate knowledge of the functions of the Master of the High Court, the rights and duties of a liquidator or trustee as well as those of the insolvent individual or company. During his years of uninterrupted service, Kobus has been at the head of numerous litigation campaigns in South Africa and abroad to recover funds to the benefit of creditors of insolvent estates. In his spare time, Kobus enjoys farming, hunting and time with his family.

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Reinhardt Potgieter

Partner and Director

Admitted in 2014 as an attorney of the High Court with Right of Appearance, Reinhardt has gained extensive knowledge in the field of contract law with focus on commercial lease agreements and business structures. Exposed to complicated legal conundrums from day one by Kobus as his principal, Reinhardt has gained practical experience in the field of insolvency and especially the litigation that flows therefrom. As a result, Reinhardt prepares, negotiates and enforces various commercial agreements in sectors such as the construction industry, petroleum industry and property industry. When on leave, Reinhardt enjoys spending time with his family, bowhunting, fishing and woodwork projects.

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Thomas Hugo

Senior Associate

An admitted attorney with a tenacious appetite for litigation, Thomas tends to commercial litigation and criminal law matters within the firm. Whilst being no stranger to litigation in the High Court and Magistrate Court, Thomas has an unmatched manner of approaching any matter from a practical point of view to achieve the best result for the client. On every occasion, he has demonstrated an ability to adjust to the circumstances, examine the risks and rewards, to advise the client of the appropriate route to explore. He has a no-nonsense approach which bodes well for his clients. When he is not at the office, Thomas enjoys farming, hunting and fine dining with friends and family.

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Yolandi Luus


Our driven female attorney and cost consultant brings balance to our firm. Yolandi has extensive experience in general litigation in the High Court, Labour Court and Magistrates Court. She is able to draft her own applications and summonses which reflects well on our clients a cost-effective approach. She is competent, resourceful and responsive to the client’s needs. She tends to commercial litigation, labour related matters as well as family law. In her time off, she spends time with her family, attends social events and works magic in her garden.